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How to Purchase

How to Purchase NexxSteel Products

Starting to build with NexxSteel products is just a phone call or a message away. Our team is located in Sacramento, California and can ship our building system anywhere in the world. Don’t settle for anything less and get in contact with one of our team members to find out just how affordable NexxSteel is.

Mulitple Ways to Buy

Our NexxSteel Staff wants you to have the same success we have had with NexxSteel building products. When you make the decision to use NexxSteel, we promise to never let you fail. We will walk you through each step toward building a successful and overall improved business.

Below are some other purchase options we offer all of our builders in order to better know NexxSteel:

  • Complete a one-day training class and buy NexxSteel wire to build the structures on your own.
  • Visit our NexxSteel shop in Sacramento and use all of our resources and tools to build your Structures.
  • Connect with our NexxSteel staff will be on hand to help you build your structure.
  • Send our staff your designs of your structure and we will then construct the prefabricated outdoor structure and decking system. You will either choose to have it shipped or pickup it up free at our Sacramento, California location.