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What is NexxSteel?

What is NexxSteel?

NexxSteel is a revolutionary new building product that removes several key deficiencies in the building industry. Fabricated from galvanized, stainless, or painted steel; NexxSteel’s three dimensional wire panels eliminate the corrosion, rot, flammability and failure that plague traditional materials on the market today. NexxSteel’s modular panels can be shaped into any configuration, making it easy to create just about any structure imaginable. Complete the picture with any premium finish available – slate, tile, stone, rock veneer, stucco and archustone – you will be able to bring your client’s vision to life while eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance, replacement, or costly repairs.

The NexxSteel Product

NexxSteel has gained a reputation for its superiority in comparison to any other building product on the market today. NexxSteel provides the foundations for thousands of outdoor structures without a single call for maintenance or replacement.

More benefits of NexxSteel include:

  • No limitations in the configuration of any build
  • Decreases time and labor, providing value to your bottom line
  • Our building method can be used for any outdoor structure
  • Failure-proof
  • No need to bring in outside resources to complete a project
  • One of the fastest, easiest building methods available
  • Configure and radius to any shape at no additional expense
  • Superior to any other masonry building method
  • Zero maintenance
  • Apply any finish available on the market
  • Same cost as traditional materials with many clear advantages
  • The most eco-friendly and sustainable building product on the market today
  • Lifetime guarantee on maintenance and replacement

Browse our gallery to see some of our current projects, and to get an idea of what you can accomplish with NexxSteel.

Eliminating Known Hazards

NexxSteel is changing the way the industry understands the construction of outdoor spaces. The deficiencies in building materials used to construct decks and outdoor structures have held the building industry back for decades. The combustible materials used for the substructures are hard to manipulate, restrict customization for HomeOwners, and require intense labor and fail from moisture. NexxSteel was specifically developed to virtually be able to construct any structure desired while providing the most reliable building system that you could offer your clients.

One Building Method; Endless Possibilities

One of the most incredible things about NexxSteel is that no matter what you and your client dream up, it’s all possible. NexxSteel’s modular wire panels can be shaped into any configuration imaginable. No longer tethered to a product’s limitations, you can start saying yes more often – with no additional costs.

The learning curve is easy too: one building method does it all, no matter what type of structure you are working on. You will no longer need to hire outside specialists to complete your job, and keeping the work in-house enables you to keep your overhead low.

Browse our gallery, and drop us a line to find out more. NexxSteel ships from our warehouse in Sacramento County, California to virtually anywhere in the world. Call today for more information and find out how NexxSteel can add value to your next project.