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NexxSteel’s revolutionary building system allows you to build any outdoor structure, deck, or outdoor living area without restrictions. This proprietary technology allows professionals to build their client’s dream backyards with ease. Builders, Designers, and Architects are now able to say “yes” to any structure their clients desires.

We give builders the opportunity to create structures without additional labor or material costs included unlike traditional building systems. This means that our product can help you build a radiused tile deck or outdoor living area efficiently. Structures taking too long to build? Use NexxSteel’s fast and easy building assembly. Deck replacement? No problem, use NexxSteel to ensure that your deck doesn’t fail in the future. How to keep a deck from failing? You’ll need to insure that you use one of the only non-combustible building system NexxSteel.

We speak from experience. We have studied and mastered the building industry for 14 years, to make sure we can provide you the most superior building innovation the industry has ever seen.

NexxSteel will exceed every expectation your client may have. We have privately built thousands of outdoor structures with NexxSteel. We’ve perfected our innovation and created the solution to the deficiencies that have plagued the industry for decades.  Our no maintenance and no replacement building system, will leave your customers completely satisfied for years to come.