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NexxSteel (NS) has revolutionized the decking industry and provided a structure that holds several advantages to other deck building methods. The technology behind NS building method provides a fast and easy assembly. Builders no longer need heavy equipment or intense labor to achieve radius and shape of the deck. NS decks provide the highest appearance that the decking industry has to offer, of any tile or stone available on the market.


  • NS allows you to guarantee your clients their deck structure will never weaken.
  • NS will enhance your sales pitch by not having design restrictions.
  • NS will give you a sales niche when bidding against competitors.
  • NS decks can accommodate any type of equipment or structure.  
  • NS will save man hours when building structures, and increase bottom lines of businesses.
  • NS will create higher profits without the need of creating more jobs.
  • NS decks can be designed to any shape without the need of intense labor or heavy equipment.
  • NS decks allow you to guarantee safety to your clients.


NexxSteel (NS) innovation for masonry structures allows Architects and Designers to create structures of any shape and configuration. NS can easily be bent and radiused to any shape at ease without additional costs. Traditional masonry building methods demand intensive labor or increase of costs to achieve the shapes that NS structures are built to. NS revolutionary building technology creates detail unlike any other masonry building product, giving the client the ultimate appearance for their investment.


  • NS is not restrictive and can be configured and radiused to any shape.
  • NS is developed to withstand any weather conditions.
  • NS can be fastened to any structure or surface.
  • NS can be shaped to any configuration without intense labor or heavy equipment.
  • NS structures have no maintenance, replacement or warranty calls from unsatisfied customers.
  • NS does not require a footing for strength.
  • NS structures are lightweight and durable that allows easy deliveries to job sites.
  • NS has engineering, design and support available for users apart of the NexxSteel Builders program.
  • NS will save man hours, and increase bottom lines of businesses.
  • NS will create higher profits without the need of creating more jobs.