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What is a NexxSteel Certification

Deck and Patio builders now have the opportunity for their businesses to be advertised and promoted by NexxSteel. Once you have completed the one-day NexxSteel training session, your business will be entered into our database. Our database is accessible by homeowners that are looking for premiere builders in their area to use our products in order to create safety in their lives. The more jobs completed using NexxSteel, the more advertising and promoting NexxSteel does for you. After NexxSteel’s verification and certification of approval of our simple building system, you will be given the rank of “Outdoor Living Builder” or “Deck Builder,” shown below. The more jobs you build using NexxSteel, the higher rank you achieve. A higher rank leads to more advertising, leads, and promotion for your business.

If you are interested in becoming a certified NexxSteel Builder, give a call at 1.916.806.3882

Online Lessons Coming Soon

Online walk through lessons and training videos are coming soon. These lessons will be available for all potential NexxSteel builders nationwide. These trainings allow you to earn your NexxSteel training online. Once the lessons and training videos are completed, you will move on to the NexxSteel Certification process in the chart below.


Become a Certified NexxSteel Builder

NexxSteel has provided an opportunity for you to become a part of the NexxSteel team.

Our four upcoming Online NexxSteel Deck and Outdoor Builder lessons will guide you in the preparation of mastering NexxSteel’s revolutionary new building method.

  • Outdoor Living Gold Builder
  • Outdoor Living Builder
  • Deck Builder
  • Pro Builder
  • Deck Gold