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What is NexxSteel?

What is NexxSteel?

NexxSteel is a revolutionary building system designed to keep homeowners safe regardless of who builds structures in your backyard. If you are trying to decide what structure to used for your backyard, decide no more and choose NexxSteel. Our non combustible building system is able to provide you the most customizable structure that the building industry has to offer. NexxSteel is also the safest product on the building marketing and has been developed over 14 years of innovation. Our NexxSteel Builders are able to offer you a lifetime substructure warranty guaranteed by our company. We have advanced the building industry for you by providing a no maintenance and no replacement building substructure that will assure your safety and our deck reliability for years to come. There is no better choice for you as a homeowner than to choose to have a NexxSteel structure in your backyard.

NexxSteel Innovation

NexxSteel has a reputation for its superiority to any other building process on the market today. We have provided the foundations for thousands of outdoor structures. Including decks and patios we have never had a call for maintenance or replacement. Leaving every one of our customers a happy homeowners that knows their investment will be secured for years to come.

  • Superior to any other outdoor kitchen or patio building method
  • Safest deck building system
  • Allows for complete customization
  • Zero substructure maintenance
  • Apply any finish available on the market
  • Similar cost as traditional materials
  • The most eco-friendly and sustainable building product
  • Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own it
  • Lifetime fire resistance
  • Eco-friendly with no cost for ongoing maintenance

Browse our gallery to see some of our current projects and to get an idea of what structure you can customize for your back yard.

Eliminating Known Hazards

We have been building decks and patios for over 14 years with NexxSteel. We have proven that NexxSteel continues to change the way that the building industry handles the construction of outdoor spaces. The deficiencies in current building materials and systems used has forced you, as a homeowner, to be stuck with ongoing maintenance and replacement fees years after your structure is completed. All of this work, just to ensure your safety. We ask ourselves “Why?” everyday and this drives us forward.

We have mastered the combination of steel and concrete, and developed a non-combustible structure that will save you thousands of dollars over a duration of time. Every building system that is used today suffers from deficiencies like the risk of failure from rotting, infestation, lack of moisture ventilation, flammability, or the breakdown of structural integrity. These problems are responsible for failing structures across that nation that have caused thousands of injuries and deaths to innocent homeowners every year.

NexxSteel removes the possibility of failure so that you can build a beautiful, safe, and enduring outdoor structure that will secure your back yard investment. NexxSteel structures assure safety so you can create lifelong memories with family and friends.



NexxSteel is the most eco-friendly and sustainable building product on the market. The NexxSteel steel building process is one of the only building methods in the decking industry that does not contribute to deforestation.

This next generation building system is made from galvanized, stainless, or painted steel materials that are not only inflammable but virtually indestructible. Our products results in a structure that will never need maintenance nor replacement.

Current decking materials used are wood and sometimes recycled plastic and  composite. These decking materials are unsustainable, flammable, require ongoing maintenance and repair, and eventually fail over time. Our NexxSteel steel structures do not suffer from weather damage and failure, and are 100% Eco-Friendly