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NexxSteel (NS) revolutionary building method is the first steel innovation in the decking industry. NS takes away deficiencies in an industry where consumers are suffering from injuries and deaths as well as countless hours of ongoing maintenance and replacement. NS revolutionary technology takes away the deficiencies in the decking industry and guarantees a safe no injury maintenance or replacement decking system.

  • NS engineered connections assure safety.
  • NS costs are similar to traditional building materials
  • NS guarantees safety after deck is built.
  • NS warranty is superior to other decking warranties.
  • NS can not catch fire because it is non combustible.
  • NS is 100% eco-friendly and made from recycled steel materials.
  • NS structures do not contribute to deforestation.
  • NS steel substructures do not weaken overtime.
  • NS takes away maintenance or replacement needs and fees.
  • NS decks provide the best aesthetic finish on the market.
  • NS is not limited to shape, size or elevation.
  • NS stairs can be built to any configuration.

NexxSteel (NS) revolutionary masonry structure building method has simplified the way masonry shapes are built. The construction methods behind NS provide detail that traditional products take more costs and time to create. NS is unlike any other masonry product, and does not have failure in any weather environment.

  • NS is easily shaped to any configuration desired.
  • NS is warrantied against structural weakening and failure.
  • NS does not fail in wet conditions.
  • NS can use any finish available on the market.
  • NS can mount to any surface.
  • NS structures provide the best aesthetic finish.
  • NS structures are made from non combustible and non corrosive materials.