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Not only is our product second to none when it comes to safety, NexxSteel also innovates the way builders can create. NexxSteel’s revolutionary building system allows you and your builder to virtually customize any outdoor structure, deck, or patio without restrictions.  Our technology allows professionals to build your dream backyard – no matter what.

NexxSteel Builders, Designers, and Architects are now able to say “yes” to any structure you desire, without added costs. This means that our product can help you build that custom tile deck or patio. Deck replacement? No problem, use NexxSteel to ensure that your deck doesn’t fail in the future. How to keep a deck from failing? You’ll need to insure that you use non combustible and eco friendly materials like NexxSteel. We speak from experience. We have been building decks and patios for homeowners for over 14 years.

NexxSteel will exceed every expectation you as a homeowner may have. The possibility to have such fine detail on your structure, will leave you as a customer completely satisfied. Take a look at the gallery below, then give us a call so we can have one of our NexxSteel Builders make your back yard dream come true!