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Biggest Problems in Deck Construction

Biggest Problems in Deck Construction


External beauty of the home can really be seen with the construction of a beautiful deck. While mainly entertaining within your home, the option of bringing people outside to enjoy the an evening or dinner outdoors provides another compliment to the value of your home. Although the deck is not mandatory, it is a symbol of beauty. NexxSteel truly believes in the value of deck building and wants to teach all of our readers the value of safety when it comes to building decks. Our building equipment creates no-maintenance decking, beautiful quality, and dependability you can count on. Regardless, it is still important to know the 5 greatest problems in deck construction.

Problems of the Base:

Site selection for a deck is more than an esthetic idea only. Major problems can arise with the wrong site selection for the base of your new deck. Nature contains properties of soils that differ greatly from site to site. This offers a variety of challenges for the deck engineer to ensure that your deck won’t have any problems. Site engineers must ensure that landslide threats are not there within the soil at the base. Decks in the hilly areas also offer multiple challenges to the base. All paces of the deck in the hilly areas are not guaranteed to tightly adhere to the soil. 

Problems concerning the Wood quality:

Selection of quality Wood is another challenge for deck construction. Such challenges are generally as follows:

-What is the best tree selection for timber?

-What is overall health of the selected wood? 

Be weary when selecting the material for your deck as silver birch (Betula pendula), Sycomore fig (Ficus sycomoros), Lime (Tilia x vulgaris Hayne) and Elm (Ulmus minor) are the common examples of the trees that should be avoided. Even if wood from a preferred tree species is chosen, it might contain multiple knots or have been attacked by termites or rusted badly.

Beware, selection of wood logs from multiple trees and different ages is a permanent threat of the deck failure.



Problems in the Roof construction:

The roof of your deck needs to be durable! Over the course of it’s life, your deck will face snowfall, rain, and extreme climates at all times. It is commonly understood that wooden boards should not tightly adhere to each other for the construction of the roof. A better solution is to place the wooden boards tightly and apply a light resin for waterproofing.

Problems of Supporting structures:

Supporting Beams or wooden pillars must be of the highest quality as well. The concept of poor quality wood, as discussed previously, can also be applied to the  build supporting beams for your new deck. Even the minor knots in the wood can lead to eventual cracks in your framework. Your material must be free from termites or any insects as well. Remember, the foundation is not only going to support the roof, but the weight of all your guests, snowfall, or any other geological elements thrown at it. 

Missing nails and joint hangers:

Sometimes common deck makers take easy way out. It is important that you note the quality nails and joint hangers in the build of your deck. At times, joint hangers are absent or poorly fitted. This is actually one of the main erasers behind deck failure. These issues lead to the angular disturbance of the deck and cause a lean towards a specific plane – ultimately collapsing. 


It doesn’t matter the problem, as NexxSteel builds superior decks and can put your mind to rest with our unparalleled building products. Contact us in the chat bubble in the bottom of your screen to learn more!